English Syllabus 7

The series "English syllabus" has been created with the objective to help young stu-dents in their process of learning English. It presents a series of exercises by which we encourage students in the learning process of communication and expression of the language, through the stimulation of abilities of oral and written communication that will help them achieve their goal, which is to learn English in a spontaneous and friendly atmosphere. At the beginning of each exercise a motivating and introductory activity has been designed and is presented to the students to put in practice their creativity through which they will learn English promoting social interaction based on situations of daily life. It is important the support of teachers in the introduction of this new exciting method to learn English during the development of the program, as well as to value each ac-tivity in which the student works, to stimulate the learning process and the develop-ment of a new way of communication through a second language.


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  • ISBN 9789996176722
  • 200 páginas
  • Copyright 2020

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